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Play as a young wizard on his way to becoming the greatest wedding planner in the wizarding world!


It has been a stressful year for WizWeddings Inc. with their growing popularity. Skylar Blazestone is a young budding wizard who works at WizWedddings as an event planner. His rival, Thomas Stronglight, another young wizard, wants to see Skylar fail so he can take over his clients. Thomas casts a hate spell on Skyalr’s next wedding couple so that they argue about everything going into the wedding. Once Skylar realizes this he tries to undo the spell but can’t seem to dissolve it! There is only one way out, true love’s kiss. To make this happen Skylar has to ensure the couple walks down the aisle for their happily ever after. 

Your job is to make sure that both parties stay happy, and help Skylar pull this wedding off!

Collect items from both the wedding parties' list to keep their happiness meters over 50%, while avoiding disasters that will decrease happiness .

Watch out for conflicting items that both parties want, but in different varieties. Choosing the favoured object of one party will result in the decrease of the other party's happiness.

If things ever get out of hand, use one of your five (5) allotted spells to blast away an unwanted object. 

to move left/right across the aisles

to cast a spell at unwanted objects

Ann Amin, Aly Byer, Tiger Fahd, Sabiha Mannan, Emily Prum


FinalGame.zip 178 MB

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